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 Chapter 13 and Chapter 7.  Both these chapters share one important benefit which is that you will get the protection of the Federal Bankruptcy Law.  They offer other benefits which may or may not fit your situation.  

Chapter 13

A solution to financial problems, Chapter 13 may be the option for you. 

What is a Bankruptcy Law board certified attorney?

 You have probably seen the small print on TV or flyers, stating Board Certified, but what does that mean to YOU?

Chapter 07

A fresh start, Chapter 7 offers you a way to eliminate your debt and get a new fresh start in life

Late or missed payments?

Using one credit card to pay off another?

Creditors harassing you?

Possible foreclosure or repossession?


 Bankruptcy is nothing more than a responsible and legal way to get back on your feet after financial problems have taken you down… 

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