chapter 7

a fresh start

Chapter 7 can help you pay off your debt and start a new chapter in life.


Am I eligible to file? The answer is YES, if:

  • You live in, own property in or do business in the United States.


  • You haven’t been involved in another bankruptcy case that was dismissed within the last 180 days on certain grounds.


  • You may still be eligible to file even if you have filed bankruptcy before.


Chapter 7 Benefits

  • You are discharged or excused from some of
    your debts.


  • You can start your financial life over again.


  • Creditors can no longer contact you or garnish
    your wages.


  • Filing for Chapter 7 can help you protect your residence from a hostile creditor.


  • You can file for chapter 7 even if your finances are already being administered
    by a financial counselor.
  • Your employer is usually not notified of your
    Chapter 7 filing.


  • In many cases you keep what you need to start over, such as appliances, furniture, clothes, and tools of the trade.

A bankruptcy may help you
get your debts discharged…

Which means you are released from some of your debts, and you will have a plan for paying others.

It’s a good idea to let a bankruptcy attorney lead you through the steps of filing for Chapter 7 because it may seem complicated if you haven’t filed before.  For example, the date you file is important because of the status of your bank accounts, your rent and other assets you may have, including bills you’ve already paid.

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